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Chef Samuel’s Malay Vegetarian Cooking Class


Kampung means ‘village’ in Malay, and it represents a traditional way of living for friendly communal ethnicities. Inspired by our forefathers, Malay people still preserve a lot of their traditional cooking methods by using elaborate stone kitchen equipment, such as batu lesong, batu giling, labu sayong, dulang tembaga, nyiru and kukuran kelapa. Lots of food is usually served to share with the whole Kampung. We certainly enjoy the ambience a lot, and also their dining etiquette, as it promotes a sense of togetherness.

Starting with a complimentary pick up service from your hotel or residence, in the morning we’ll visit Ayer Itam market, one of the oldest and busiest wet markets in Penang. Here you’ll learn more about fresh local Malaysian produce while wandering through the stalls of this otherwise hidden market area. Enjoy a cup of local Penang coffee, and sample an authentic hawker breakfast in a nearby kopitiam (coffee shop), before we head back to our cooking studio to continue your culinary adventure. With a refreshing nutmeg juice at your side and breathtaking bird’s-eye views of Penang, this authentic Malay cooking class is yours to enjoy.

Our Guest Reviews

  • We would give this class a 6 stars review but Google won’t allow us to do that 🙂 This exceeded expectations and was a really special experience. It was so well organized, professional and well thought through. You can tell this is Chef Samuel's passion and it really shines through in his teaching and attention to detail. We love Malaysian cuisine and its complex flavors and appreciated having Samuel educate us on all of the ingredients, the stories behind the dishes, the techniques and so much more. His place is the ideal setup and is just the right balance of a professional cooking space while feeling intimate in a personal home. Also, my wife has a gluten and dairy intolerance and Samuel was very accommodating. And of course, all of the food was so delicious, it was the best food we've had in our 1 month stay in Malaysia and we've had a lot of delicious food! I look forward to making those dishes at home one day to share with friends and family. Thank you Chef Samuel!

  • What an awesome day spent with Chef Samuel!! We got to see local markets in action while gathering all the ingredients for the afternoon, once back at Chefs home we were ready to start cooking and get an understanding of the differences between Malaysian, Thai and Indian cooking and curries. We had a great afternoon where cooking was genuinely fun and didn't feel like a chore. Also dishes we had been afraid of or that felt complicated now seem much easier and we are armed and ready to show off our new dishes to family and friends. We would definitely cook with Chef again on our next visit and hope to see you both in Australia one day

  • This was my second cooking class in South East Asia and I was really amazed of how different it was from my first experience. You have your private chef who teaches you exactly how to prepare the dishes step by step so you will also be able to make them from scratch back home. Samuel's passion and knowledge for the Malaysian cuisine is outstanding. It also gives you a nice introduction in a locals daily life, which was also super interesting. Thanks for everything.

What we’ll Learn

Nasi Lemak
Signature Malaysian Rice Platter with Coconut Milk

Cendawan Rendang
Malay Dry Mushroom Stew with Spices

Cucur Bawang
Deep-fried Onion Malay-style Fritter

No more shall be explain through this signature Malay cooking class with the best-selling combo of dishes which Malaysia are known for! Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia and is popularly consumed at all times of the day, even supper! Rendang, on the other hand, is commonly mistaken as a Malay curry, but rather it is a thick stew that is simmered down with spices. Cucur Bawang is a staple snack dish that is usually spotted in kampung (village) areas of both Malaysian and Indonesian regions. No more shall be explained though, as this signature Malay cooking class will do the talking for itself!

This menu is available in option of:-

What you’ll Expect

  • Market Tour

    Gather and learn unique local ingredients
    Sightseeing the bustling locals’ lifestyle

    AT AYER ITAM for morning session
    Penang busiest wet market

    AT BATU LANCANG for afternoon session

  • A Quick Brekkie

    Enjoy local hot/iced coffee
    Sample authentic Penang breakfast

    AT KOPITIAM nearby
    Traditional Penang Hawker Coffee Shop

  • Enjoy the View


    Take a minute to indulge breathtaking
    George Town cityscapes and seaview

  • Have a Sip

    Taste a local fruit – NUTMEG Juice
    Sample other Nutmeg finger snacks

  • Lesson Time

    Explore significance of each dish as a theme

    Learn the FUNDAMENTALS
    Discover soul of each Ingredients

    Grasp ESSENTIALS of culinary arts
    Learn to balance each Elements
    Recreate exceptional finest Malaysian dishes

  • Time to Cook

    You cook while I guide you through

    Each Dish STEP BY STEP
    Until you’ve hit mastery level

  • Leave a Memory

    We’ll take pictures together with the food in my Indian cooking class

  • Makan Together

    Enjoy what you prepared over meaningful conversations

What I’ll Provide

Individual Work Station

Hawker Breakfast
& memorable photos from my Malay Vegetarian Cooking Class

Where I’ll Pick Up


Pick up at 7:30am / 2:00pm sharp

Area: George Town

Outside Georgetown

On demand (+RM20)
Pick up around 7:15am / 1:45pm sharp

Area: Batu Ferringhi / Teluk Bahang only

Do remarks your hotel name during checkout.

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