Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What time does your cooking class starts?

    Morning session starts at 8:00am while Afternoon session starts at 2:00pm.

  2. Do you offer pick-up service from my hotel?

    Yes, definitely. A complimentary pick-up service is included. What's even better? Chef Samuel will pick you up personally. However, if you happen to stay further up in Batu Ferringhi area, there will be a RM20 surcharge.

  3. What type of classes do you offer?

    I have normal 3-dish themed lessons, private classes & online cooking courses.

    My normal lessons consist of a curated 3-dish menu with a specific theme. If you would like some customisation / exclusive experience for your group or honeymoon, my private class allows you to choose 3-dish or 4-dish from my menu. All of the classes mentioned above includes a wet market tour.

    For home cooks & professional chefs abroad, my online cooking course lets you learn Malaysian dishes from comfort of your home. We will kickstart this pretty soon, meanwhile just lookout our space!

  4. Is it possible to add-on dishes?

    I'm sorry as my normal lessons are themed, and designed in such a way you will not only learn how to cook but bring back a specific set of cooking skills in regard to a food culture perspective. Therefore, if you wish to learn more beyond a specific theme, I will be happy to host you on my private classes.

  5. Which market will you visit to?

    We'll head to Ayer Itam Market for morning session. This wet market is beautiful on its own, as it is the only remaining farmers market with the most local crowds. Moreover, the history of Ayer Itam market dates back to the 1800 with a couple of few interesting stories to tell.

    For afternoon session, the wet market visit is optional. We'll visit Batu Lanchang market. Batu Lanchang food market is popular for lunch with some of the best hidden hawker stalls only known by locals. Hitch up a Grab if you wish to head for some food hunt before meeting up with me for the market tour.

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