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Penang is one of Asia’s food capital. Without a local foodie experience, you have not officially been to Penang. You will be amazed by the variety of eateries here, and honestly a week or two might only be enough just to scratch on the surface.

Apart from its heritage charm & street art vibe, Penang food experience is one of your bucket list to be tick.

Melting pot culture – shapes the food here, tells a unique tale and taste differ from anywhere in the world. Its the real fusion food that history has made in front of our eyes. Example, dish may originated from india but through assimilation the dish has elevated with cultural trails of Portuguese. Before understanding how each dish’s ingredients intermarry, you have to have a glance on Malaysia’s brief history.

Malaysia has been through British rule for almost 200 years, Portuguese, Dutch, and a short Japan occupation before gaining independence on 1957. Apart from Malaysia’s indigeneous people (Malay: Orang Asli), Malays, Chinese and Indians all migrated from

Do you Know? I’ve bet you know about the well-written popular touristy UNESCO heritage sites of Straits Settlement like Penang, Malacca and Singapore; best to known for its beautiful colonial buildings dated back 100 years ago from British influences. However, there is one least known UNESCO heritage sites in Malaysia which dated back to 200,000 years  (Palaeolithic age/Old Stone age) in Lenggong Valley of Perak, as precious as the one of the world’ oldest rainforest in Borneo. This hidden gem houses Perak Man, one of the three Asia’s oldest full human skeletal remains apart from Peking Man and Java Man. Two famous archaeology sites in Lenggong Valley are Kota Tampan & Bukit Jawa. Lenggong is a 1 hour drive from Penang, accessible by

“Not just your average home cook”

No other best way to have a local foodie experience than to have a cooking class from me! Moreover from a chef? My cooking class brings you close to the heart where the freshest local ingredients is sourced, which is the wet market. Meet and greet all of your dish’s local ingredients and recognise them in no time!  Learn A-Z on the authentic and professional approach to cook it all. You will also understand the hows-and-whys, especially the basis of traditional cooking method from a chef’s perspective. Here & there, you might collect some expert tips along the way too!

Morning class is for beginners who want an quick glance to the Penang hawker food culture. We carefully selected some of the most signature and stand-alone dishes suitable for brunch. These recipes are also easily replicated, even without the exact local ingredients. Learn cooking em’ & bring them back home with you on your upcoming Penang trip!

Afternoon class is for intermediates or beginners in pair (both work together to cook). Selection of hawker food are made into daily thematic menu categorised by ethnic groups, each with a different story to tell.

Private class

Want a comprehensive food experience & learn it all? Book for the whole week at a 20% discount rate. After the class, you will be on your way to be a Penang foodie expert!

this food heritage is facing extinction many generation old hawker stalls are finding it difficult to growing urban population becoming less appreciated with by the growing urban population. Here preserve the heritage. appreciation in two ways, as a customer, when you appreciate the food in terms of taste, indirectly promoting urbanization demands faster lifestyle, means faster meal time. With fast food outlets mushrooming, it is not hard to notice how “fast” has stripped our meticulous for food preparation in a dish which only time can bring the best out of it.  To preserve the heritage, first you have to spread awareness of appreciation. For once and for all before it dissapear, have your time to appreciate food, even more when you cook it with your own hands.

me, my soon to be wife is Penangites. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

we are on a mission to

  • introduce Malaysia food heritage especially Penang Hawker Food & Street Food to the world
  • preserve the living heritage by sharing my recipes and knowledge
  • advocate appreciation towards food made from scratch (dissapearing)

Our establishment extend beyonds travellers, but also hope to influence locals & grassroots community to preserve the living heritage together.

Through long hours learning from the class, you will be amazed how valuble

not appreciate:

  • local ppl dont want to work for this job (threat of extinction), not high pay is categorized as middle to low income job
  • urbanization causing ppl want more and more fast food, but good things take time.

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